Thursday, February 23, 2012

February comments

Where is winter? Who knows? Here in SC we are enjoying the warm temperatures and trying to make the most of them by walking, bike riding, and even working in the yard. I am concerned though, that much of the country that depends on snow melt to water the seeds that will be planted, is going to be in a deficit. Yes, deficit, just like our economy or our treasury. Well, let me forget that and get to quilting which really makes the world go round for me!
I had some wonderful fun when my friend Karen, from Ohio came for a visit. Let me tell you she is the queen of speedy. I mean speedy with no mistakes! Unlike me, who makes all kinds of dumb ones when I start to rush. I will see how good I am at getting some photos of our work on this blog from my iphone. I know most of you say,"piece of cake." But you have no idea how hard it is for me to remember all the little steps involved with each action. I know, just like my machine quilting, practice makes perfect. I was able to put together some fat quilters to make one quilt she shared with me. I had enough Lakeside fat quarters and some white to make another quilt of hers too. I did buy just under 2 yds for the border as I didn't have anything I liked in my stash.
My Monday evening sewing class is moving right along. The ladies are finishing their rag quilts which they have enjoyed. They make them all in "flannella" which they like working with too. Elva, my Spanish speaking assistant and I want them to try a "5 & dime" quilt next. We have put together some kits for them to choose from. I am hoping that the ladies will try to machine quilt their own quilts with straight line stitching in grids, or 1/4 " stitching.
Hope wherever you live your winter weather has been tolerable. Here's to a wonderful spring!
Rats, I am so sorry, I have completely forgotten how to put my pictures on my posts so no pics right now. I will put them in the next post.

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