Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching up

Spring is such a busy time! Trying to get plants in, getting the pool ready, a few short-term guests, and keeping up with everyday business, leaves little time to do lots of quilting. In early June, I am having the board of our ladies singing group here for an all day work session, which means I will provide lunch. Oh, what to serve? Well, I have a little time to worry about that.
I had to show you a picture of our funny dog, Duffy. He is a toffee colored Yellow Lab. He got so hot funny running after his tennis ball, he got overheated so he went to the pool and sat his body on the first step in order to cool down. He stayed there about 15 minutes until he was sufficiently cooled. I had to snap a picture of his pose in the pool. I also included a picture of my upside down tomato plant which my DH's cousin, Jay gave me for my birthday! I am so proud I have 3 tomatoes formed and more blossoms. I haven't grown tomatoes in years! My organic gardening mother is looking down and smiling upon me! Also my hydrangeas are starting to bloom in the yard. I love blue flowers so am so in love with these. During a rainstorm last evening, my DH, Brian, and I planted some plants around the pool area. We got drenched but the plants got watered in without being exposed to our usual scorching sun. Rained all night too.
I posted two pictures of a quilt called "Lady Fingers" by Cozy Quilt Designs. My friend, Vickie made one, so I thought I would try it. It called for a package of layer cake sqs. I had never bought one so I bought one online of the Kashmir group. I used some pale aqua and pale pink batiks for my two borders. I like it pretty well. I have to admit that it is a departure from all the brights I usually work with. Off to the quilters it goes!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello again

After a short spell I am returning to my blog. It seems I have had a few health issues and those came first. I am feeling better and was able to resume my pool exercises with Cathy, my trainer. She has been wonderful for me, keeping me mobile so I don't get all frozen with arthritis.

Got the binding on my one Kaffe quilt, that was shown several blogs ago. The back is so pretty, as I used an allover Kaffe print for it. I am finishing up my "Big Birds" quilt. I have misplaced my pattern in my messy sewing studio, so have to depend on Vickie to help me out in order to finish it. She is making one too along with me, except she is in Ohio and I am here in SC!

The charity quilt my quilt guild made is finished and I didn't get a picture of it after it was all finished. Maybe I can get a picture of it from one of the other guild members. The auction event is today, but we are getting a friend in from Ohio so I am staying home.

I had to insert a picture of my blooming snap dragons. I planted them last fall and they are blooming their little heads off! I loved the coral color when I purchased them and knew they would make the front of our house sparkle. Now is the time to plant lots more plants around the house. I love it when the garden centers are full of gorgeous plants to add color and texture to our yards. Times like this is when I wish my sister, Carol (a horticulturist) were here to tell me what to plant where. She really has the eye for plantings. She and her DH live in CA.

My big singing concerts are over for now. The last one was last Sunday when we gave a free concert of all patriotic songs to the public complete with apple pies(a gift from McD's) for everyone! It was so fun and the audience loved it. I will continue to sing in our church choir during the summer. We have no scheduled rehearsals though which is nice. We sing stuff we know well already.

The Oriental quilt I made a while ago and was a shop model. I didn't have a chance to get it quilted until recently. Cathy quilted it so neat with some kind of Chinese words or something in the center. You can see it in the one picture.

My friend Vickie "tagged" me. From what I have read I am suppose to reveal 7 random things about myself. Here goes: 1. I love dogs. Cats are nice too, but I really can "talk" to dogs. 2. I love to sing. I love sacred music but have been know to sing everything from "Jack and Jill went up the hill" to "California Dreamin". 3. I am always battling my weight. One of these days I will win! 4. I love to read, mostly fiction from Ken Follett to Nora Roberts 5. I love to cook and bake but with no big appetites around anymore, I dare not get carried away 6. I am still friends with MY FIRST TRUE Friend, Carolyn, who I met in kindergarten. What a dear person she is. She Lives in MN. and I love her like well, a dear old friend! 7. I married the first time too young. It took me more than 30 years to finally grow up, finish college, and make a major change in my life. So now I will tag my friend Karen

Below are the pictures of my Big Birdies Quilt all finished and ready for the quilter. The other photo shows the polka dot backing and the binding which is the diagonal print. Both of these fabrics are part of the collection. I think it will be pretty darn cute when completed. I promise I will do a better job keeping up my blog. Happy Spring!