Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Almost Fall

Time has just flown by this summer. What with a little company, teaching the Mexican gals to quilt, keeping up with house and cooking, and squeezing in a little quilting for myself, the months has passed very quickly. In my first picture you will see the Christmas quilt that my friend and I each made recently. Mine is ready for the quilters. My friend, Karen and I have often made exact or almost exact quilts together. We have similar tastes obviously.
I can't believe I don't have a picture of the 5 and dime quilts that the girls made for their second quilts. I have one I will get a picture of as the gal isn't here to finish it. I am sure she would love to have it pictured.
The girls are on their third quilt now, which is a string quilt. Cathy, another friend gave us a bag of strings leftover from binding she had put on quilts for others. She is a long-armer and often applies the binding as part of her business. As you can see the string quilts are striking! The gals are going to finish them up soon and then learn to do their own quilting. They can either do ditch quilting or 1/4" straight line quilting. As clever as they are, I wouldn't be surprised that there is a good free motion quilter in the group. That will come in time. In the one picture Maria is deciding on placement of her blocks. Lupe is holding her quilt up as she was the first to get her borders on. Sister Saundra looks happy as she makes her blocks. Isn't Isiah the cutest? He is doing his homework from first day of first grade. He works quietly while his mom sews! I will post more pictures soon.