Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting ready to go again

It seems I just got back from visiting family in Ohio. Here is it time to leave again for the American Quilt Study Group seminar being held in San Jose, CA. starting the end of this week. I am really looking forward to it. I always learn so many new things about quilts and their makers. It is a great time to renew acquaintances of other like-minded folks. This year the endowment fund committee for AQSG asked if anyone would make some little 4" blocks for little quilts. I made three which you can see in the picture. I am dying to see how they use all the little blocks in the miniature quilts. After the AQSG seminar, I will be staying with my sister, Carol and DBIL, Barrie, and purse-puppy, Pepper. She and I will get lots of sister talk in, besides lots of laughter and maybe quilt fabric shopping! I know, I know, I don't need to do that! But you see, I have an excuse that I might find something cute for my Mexican sewing class!

While in Ohio, I stayed for a bit with my DD and her family. Casey, the 14 yo was confirmed in their church on Sept. 13. You see her in the dress which she picked out with her little heels. Her hair isn't fixed or anything, but you get the general idea. She wore a white robe over her black. There was a lovely buffet luncheon which her mother and I prepared for the host of family members, who came to the event. It was perfect weather so we could eat outside too. Her dress is getting double duty, as she was just asked for a date to Homecoming at Central High where she attends. She is so grown up! Where have the years gone? Sorry, I forgot to turn her image so you would see her properly! Duh!

My other grand-daughter Lauren 12, and I worked on a cute craft which is a Styrofoam ball covered in felt and then covered with flowers which were stick pinned all over the balls. They were hung from the ceiling with ribbon. The idea was an original from P0ttery Barn Kids. They really did turn out so cute.

My Mexican girls are turning out some wonderful string quilts! I am so proud of them. They will finish them while I am gone. The next quilts we are going to try are rag quilts since they are kind of fun to make. I am sure they will come up with some wonderful color combinations with just the leftover fabrics others have given us. Eloise and Elva, my wonderful helpers and I have donated lots from our stashes as well. They don't have the stash that I do, but not many people do! That is why I am so delighted to be able to share it with these enthusiastic quilters. They are so fun! Slowly I am learning Spanish too. I hope to get Rosetta Stone for Christmas so I can really learn. Elva is my wonderful translator now. This picture is one of the colorful tops a gal has made. Borders are on, the quilts are quilted so they can do the binding and sew on labels.