Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Adventures

Looked at the date of my previous blog and couldn't believe how the time flys. Especially, when you are having fun, right? I just sort of fell into a wonderful adventure thanks to my friend Elva. She is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish. She teaches English to Mexican folks who work and live in this area. She was telling me that she saw the Mexican nun, Sister Saundra, sewing costumes with some of the ladies of the church for a Passion Play that was presented at Easter. I asked if she felt there would be ladies who would want to learn to quilt. You guessed it, there were! So about 4 or 5 Mondays ago I met with Sister Saundra and the ladies from St. Cyprian's parish. With Elva's patience, we got the gals started on a simple 6 1/2" square comforter. They were 6x8 , so they weren't real big, but they understood how they could make larger sizes. I took pictures of the comforters and everyone was so proud! I am so delighted with the gals. They are all so dear. Many know English words. I am learning (slowly) a few Spanish words! What fun! Elva and Eloise another friend of ours, helped me to make kits for the gals second project. We are using an easy pattern and the quilts will end up being about 43"x60". Just to show you how wonderful the Internet is, I called upon my friends in Cyberspace to help me find a quilting book in Spanish. I thought no one would answer my request. But low and behold, a friend from North Dakota, posted an address almost immediately! Wow! The books were on sale for $1.99 each! What a bargain! So I got a bunch! The girls love them. They are by Alex Anderson and are soft back, with lots of how-to pictures and several easy projects in color. Their homework is to read that book and use it for reference. There is so much information that I am unable to give them in detail, so this book is a Godsend. In these pictures below, Elva is in the far left, then Betty, Maria, Lucy, then Sister Saundra. In the picture above right is Eloise, Angelica, Laura, Lucia, me, Luciero and Elva again.