Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Almost Easter

I hope it is getting to be spring everywhere now. We had a cold spell, rather unusual for this area. Hopefully, it will be warm from now one.
My friend Vickie and her family are here from Ohio visiting. We managed to grab some time and get our nails prettied for the sandal season. Looks so much better! We also got to a local shop and got some same fabric for a big birdie quilt. No, not Big Bird, a folk type bird. There is a picture of the fabrics we are doing it in. You will also see in several photos the "Dressed to the Nines" wall hanging I am doing. I got the check border fabric you see in the photo several years ago, knowing a perfect pattern would come along that I could use it for. I will post another picture when it is either almost completed or complete. It will be just a happy little quilt for me!
I also posted a picture of another quilt in my antique quilt collection. It is so spring-like in sunny yellow and green. It needs just a little TLC which I will do with wet cleaning. You guessed correctly if you think it is probably circa 1930s. It has PA origins. I still have to research it as it might be a kit quilt or one from a newspaper. Oh, also I included a picture of a package of fabric strips from Moda. I guess you would consider them odds and ends. They have some selvages on some. Some are from a specific collection too. They are a real nice bargain if your shop carries them. They come in a little brown bag. Great for scrappy and strip quilts. My printer which has my photo loading capacity is going in for servicing so who knows how long I will be without pictures on my blog. Perhaps I will learn another way to get pictures up? Have a wonderful Easter, dear friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost Easter

It is almost Easter and for almost everyone around the country that means "Spring is Here!"

SC is to have a cool weather snap tonight and then it should be warm, warm, warm. Some of my friends are going to Paducah this year. I went last year and took the appraisal classes from Gerald Roy and Bobbie Aug. Some from that class are ready to take the exam to become Cerfitied Appraisers, but I am not near ready. I need a bit more experience and will take the classes one more time in order to be sure I know my stuff.

My friend, Vickie is here from Ohio, visiting with her family for spring break. She and I managed to do some damage at a local quilt shop. We decided to each make a very cute big birdie quilt. No, not like Big Bird, but a cute folk art birdie. I will show some WIP pictures as we get going on it. I am including a picture of a pretty, springy quilt which I purchased last summer. It is a vintage 30s quilt coming from PA. A couple was selling it as they no longer wished to care for it and weren't planning on handing it down. Even though the quilt is not my colors, I still love these quilts because of the quality hand quilting, which I no longer can do. Isn't it perfect for spring?