Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keep on going

My last post was
sooo bad. Goes to show if you don't do it often you make mistakes!
After getting a few hints from Karen, I am hoping I can make nicer blogs. I think I have learned to take photos off my iphone and get them on my blog now. We will see. We will keep on going!
Within a week's time I have been to the Grand Strand Ocean Lake's quilt show and the Cobblestone quilt show in Charleston. Got to see lots of nice quilts. Always get inspired by what others do. This was one that caught my eye at the show in Charleston.
The big blocks above, are 2 of the nine huge 24" blocks for which Karen brought me for an early birthday present. Wow! The fabrics and the pattern. Think I like the concept of the huge blocks making punchy statement on a bed.

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